Monday, January 27, 2014

Things Worth Freezing For

Seriously, the owl is there
One of the best things about Cape Cod is that it is a frequent stop for migrating birds, and a frequent stop for birds that belong somewhere else. Storms blow birds off course, like the brown pelicans who got blown up here by Hurricane Sandy. This year we are the lucky recipients of a visit from an irruption of snowy owls. There is one hanging out at West Dennis Beach, so in spite of bitterly cold weather Shana and I headed out to get a glimpse. We were far from the only people who came out to get a glimpse of the visitor. Some of the people I spoke to while I was there had been out several times to get a look at the beautiful bird. I brought my good camera, but did not check my batteries before I left the house. Of Course. Nevertheless, I did see my first snowy owl and did not mind that it was really cold.

Actually, my Lands End squall parka is up to the task. I supplemented with my own woolen hand knits: socks, bulky hat with a deep brim, thick scarf, and convertible mittens. It was only my fingers that got cold when I folded back my mitten tops to take a picture that got (really) cold (instantly). Shana's coat is not up to this kind of weather. This will be the year we finally get her a coat with more function than style.

I've taken on two of my knitting challenges for the year already. I've got a pair of colorwork mitts on the needles, and my first sweater is under way. The cold weather we have had has inspired me to get going on warmer garments. Cute little mitts are not quite the thing when the temperatures don't get out of the teens.

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Xtreme English said...

a snowy owl? as you may have read, there has been a big todo over a snowy owl that took up residence by the Washington Post Building and surrounds. last week, it was hit by a Metrobus and an SUV, and now it's in the National Zoo being taken care of. The damage appeared to be to its head and beak area. But it's doing and acting better than it was. Maybe it'll just get the hey out of Washington. That's what most of C0ngress has been doing in lieu of staying around and actually doing some work (mad, hysterical laughter). Good luck to your owls and to our little critter, too. Don't think it has a name yet.