Monday, January 13, 2014

January Thaw

My own tea cozy
After our bout with the polar vortex we are enjoying our January thaw. The dogs are going in and out as often as I will open the door for them and I am going out with only a medium weight coat on. For the moment I have set hats and scarves aside, but still near to hand as the cold will be back before the weekend. I have not forsaken my wooly socks, as my feet do not understand the concept of thaw until it is flip flop weather.

The Cape Cod Joint Base has been chosen as a  test site for commercial drones. Although it has been claimed that this activity will bring some much needed jobs to our area not all of us are happy about this development. The participants in the experimental programs include the usual suspects: Saab Sensis, SRC, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin of defense contractor fame, plus some university entities. I must admit I am not very pleased to have people practicing their surveillance skills on me.

 I've started my sweater, so far so good. Except for tinking back a row out of every six because I miss my count or forget the selvedge stitches it is moving along.  In a moment of madness today I purchased yarn for some fancy colorwork mittens just in case I can't find something complex to knit. I would try to blame Wanda for my purchases except that I encouraged her to buy some beautiful buttons. We enable each other something awful. Some drama has cropped up in our Stitch & Bitch, but we will stick it out until it passes while joining up with an alternate group for variety and just in case.
Snuggle Dog

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Is it really coming back, that horrible cold stuff? And Roxie looks just like Wolfie does when he snuggles down for the night on the bed. Stay warm!