Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Picture Wall

I've been planning a picture wall for my living room for a while. The ideal would be to zip out the the zillions of wonderful galleries here on the Cape and buy small original works of art which would magically combine into a beautiful whole. I ran into a couple of roadblocks. The most obvious is my current lack of small works of art that are not already living on my walls. Due to the size and layout of my last couple of homes the general size of art here is large. We do have a fair number of family pictures that were not currently in rotation. I laid them out on a bed with about the same amount of space I had to work with in the living room but comparing the layout with the space intended showed me one important detail: I have so much  in my living room now that I really need that one restful wall. It's going to have to be one larger piece or nothing. So. Into the hall it went. I had one picture hanging in that space that seemed a little underwhelming. It's a really nice pen and ink but just did not have the "punch" I wanted. As small as our house is I don't have room for a lazy wall. With a little juggling I worked it into an assortment of pictures that brings the hall to life. This may not be the final product, of course but I think it's going the right way.

This is the toy we bought last weekend.  I really like it and think it works well here, between the kitchen and the living room. The theme and colors are perfect and we just love whimsical and amusing art.

I saw several beautiful paintings of cranberry bogs in the galleries last weekend that I would be happy to have in our home. They were not in the crazy high price range that would make them impossible to ever own, but they still cost more than I want to spend. Given the number of romantic and lovely bogs nearby I think I might consider hanging one of my personal photographs instead, at least until a little money comes our way.


naomi dagen bloom said...

Intrigued by the whale, how large is it? Picture arrangement in a new place always a challenge. Putting stuff away in a kitchen--and finding things again--that gets to me.

Thanks for the positive response to my redesign. Enjoying the change which was overdue.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Forgot to say, what a beautiful scarf, and it looks like molten gold in the sunshiney photo.