Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Maybe Bottled Water is a Bad Idea

I've been getting away from bottled water lately, partly because in general it seems that eating and drinking from plastics may be a little unsafe, partly because I don't like to buy things which I will immediately have to take to the dump, and partly because I'm just too cheap to buy what I can get so much cheaper at home. (this is my motivation for loads of things. I quit smoking because I was too cheap to buy cigarettes)  I have a nice steel water bottle I picked up on vacation in Arizona a few years ago and I just fill it up when I leave the house. In case this makes me seem like a crank to you, this video might put it into perspective:
  If you don't like to use public drinking fountains or you'd like to have a drink with you to avoid having to stop somewhere and pay for one, there are lots of reusable bottles you can take with you. Plastic bottles of all kinds are available at every possible price point, and there are plenty of metal or glass bottles around too. You can even refill a commercial water bottle you have already used!. And yes, I do know I actually am a crank ;-)

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

We refill our commercial water bottles, but I'd honestly like to just put a filter on the water at home, which has a nasty taste. The well water down the hill is wonderful. Straight out of the granite aquifer under the Mountains. There used to be artesian wells when the weather wasn't so dry.