Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Ability to Accessorize

Scarves are back in a big way! For lots of people like myself they never really left - I have scarves in my closet I've had for thirty years. I still wear a lot of the old ones and have added several new ones to my collection. They let me get away with a smaller wardrobe and still look like I've got lots of clothes.  I ran across this video showing some ways to wear the really big scarves that are all the rage now:

I was out & about in Chatham on Sunday and although I thought I took some really nice pictures I did not put the memory card back in my camera, so boo hoo. We visited the fish pier, the Chatham Light House and the public beach. All very nice and def worth a second and third trip before summer comes and I need to pay to park at the beach! We visited some of the gift shops and galleries on Main Street and picked up a cute decorative balance toy for the living room in the shape of a whale whose eyes roll and mouth opens and closes as it balances. There will be a picture of that when I feel like it!


jaykaym said...

Love this! Thanks so much!

lacochran's evil twin said...

What I have learned from this video: No matter how badly I tie my scarf, there is a name for what I am doing. ;)

F said...

I posted this on my facebook a while ago. I used it yesterday when I wore a scarf to a hockey game!