Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Before and After

We've got most of the big indoor projects done here on Cotuit Road, but of course there is always some kind of crafty project under way.

In needlework I've got a secret project about a third done - as always I seem to work backwards from the deadline and start things only when I know I will be done 15 minutes before it HAS to be complete. As usual I don't know why I put it off because the secret project is in crochet and I love to crochet although my wrists are not so fond of it as they used to be. I've got three knitting projects well underway which are not at a photogenic place. That's not counting two hibernating projects that are partially done. One of those will be finished at some point and one will be torn out yet again and reknit in a more suitable pattern.

Yesterday I set my needlework aside in favor of a decorating project. I think a guest room should have some kind of a mirror so your guest can see if they look like a wolverine before they join the family.. After a fair amount of scouting around I finally found a mirror for my guest room at D's Home Again in East Falmouth. I wanted something small that would fit the available space and that I could decorate. Shana was disappointed when I showed her the oval wicker mirror because it looked like something everyone on earth has owned at some point. I pointed out that it was just what I needed however boring and she agreed. Yesterday I found myself with time and motive and got to work. Several hours and a lot of hot glue later (and only one little scorch on one finger!) I am pleased with the result, and I feel like our guest room is complete, just in time for our first house guest's arrival this weekend.

One process note - I did not realize how hard it would be to get a presentable photo of a mirror! My first effort yielded a really nice detailed picture of the original mirror reflecting a nice clear image of the basement rafters! In general it's easy to hone in on your subject and not realize that there are unintended things in the background calling attention to themselves. A photo will also give you a different look at a project - looking at a project in a digital photo during the construction will improve your result because you will see things in a photo that you don't notice looking at your work in progress.


jaykaym said...

Love the mirror. And yes, Shana is right - everyone owns the oval wicker mirror, even me! I might steal your idea to give it some pizzazz!

Kay Dennison said...

I don't own an oval wicker mirror.
Mine all have wood frames and my fav has a stained glass effect border.

Hope you get your secret project done in time!!!!!