Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WKRP Turkey Drop

I hadn't seen this for a while, and it's just as funny as I remembered:

We're just about through the last of the leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinner - just about time to think about Christmas cookies. Weather here is just like late spring, but without the daily rain. It's hard to think about holiday baking when you don't even need a coat yet.

 A word of warning to friends and family - I am planning a trip west to visit Oklahoma City and Denver in mid-January. It will be a quickie - just a couple of days in each place. I am so looking forward to seeing the friends and family I've been missing for so many months. In the meantime anyone with a GMAIL account and a webcam has access to free video chatting which I would really love to do with anyone with a little time to spare. It's great to be in touch through facebook, email and Twitter, but it sure would be nice to see your faces from time to time!

With no gratuitous Roxy picture to share today I'm sharing a picture of Samuel Adams standing in from of Faneuil Hall in Boston. He sure does make a tasty beer (haha) !

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