Thursday, July 28, 2011

Household Necessities

Over at "For the Love of a House" there was a list of housekeeping "must haves" that got me thinking. My list of necessary house stuff:

1.  Magic Erasers - really do work like magic on just about everything, especially tea cups.
2.  The FURminator - The single best pet hair controller anywhere.
3.  The Dyson Animal - for everything the FURminator leaves behind.
4.  Pressure cooker - for emergency meals
5.  Coleman stove - Camping gear pressed into service when storms knock out electricity.
6.  Bleach - cheap & easy germ killing
7.  Vinegar - windows, coffee pots, washing machines, odor killing: all purpose liquid!
8.  Old toothbrushes -  a "free" tool that quickly gets into every little crevice.
9.  Coffee - to drink, to adsorb odors, to kill slugs in the garden. It's hard to beat.
10. Newspaper - to read, to wash windows without streaks or lint, to layer under mulch in the garden to turn weeds into compost. The quality of the reporting may vary but the usefulness of the paper never does.

Of course I'm sure my memory of what I like to use at home is fading..looks like because of the timing of the tile orders we will not have a bathroom until mid August. I don't know whether this is the way it is and what I should have expected or if we are uniquely lucky. I don't know whether I should kick the contractor or designer (or both) in the shins or just roll around in the yard.  Instead I will post another bonus picture of The Amazing Roxanne.


Kay Dennison said...

Loved and use a lot of your remedies!!! Is it an Ohio thing?

I would choose a different part of the contractor's anatomy.

Roxanne is a doll.

Lori Dyan said...

I. Love. Dyson.

The End

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I ♥ your list!

The FURminator! hahaha That is so cute! And old tooth brushes have three lives around here, from teeth, to scrubbies inside to scrubbies outside.

I want some of those magic erasers.

Yes, household bleach is not the stuff the Green Peace is the most worried about, it's other chlorinated things, honest.