Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alternative Plumbing Arrangements

Things are moving along with our house projects. I called our contractor when I left work this afternoon to find out if he needed me to let him into the house and he told me not only had he gone into the house, but my bathroom was already gone. Good thing the porta-potty was delivered yesterday! I had to zip over there right away to see how it looks. Apparently some of the floor and some of the insulation will need to be replaced because of some water damage. This is about what I expected, and is not as bad as I feared. When you tear things up strange things can appear! Prior experience with renovation cause me to be a little anxious. The porta-potty is very nice and clean, picturesquely situated in the back corner of my yard among the trees.

This weekend Shana and I have to select a sink and faucets for the bathroom and kitchen and the shower plumbing fixtures. I suppose if we want indoor plumbing again we will have to select a toilet. Shana will be pleased to know that the old toilet has been hauled away so I can't use it as a planter. So disappointing!

In the meantime I am amusing myself in the yard weeding and planting. Last weekend I planted somethings from my MIL's garden (and will be taking some additional plants as time and space permit). Today I purchased a few new things from Mahoney's Garden Center  - my first plant purchases in Massachusetts. I had been in before to scope out the place and tried to stick to my list of must-haves: one Japanese painted fern and one sum and substance hosta. I succumbed to two beautiful gloriosa daisies of a variety I had not seen before - golden centers instead of red and very striking, and two gorgeous wine colored astilbes. I could easily have filled my car! The daisies are pretty mature plants, but I contented myself with 4" pots for the rest.


Kay Dennison said...

Glad they started the project and gladder that they are on task. Your flowers sound lovely!!!

naomi dagen bloom said...

For some reason I am taken with the idea of one's own Port-a-Potty. All in all am impressed with your energy around the move and hope you give yourself permission to crash every now and then.