Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Night With Fried Chicken

Cape Cod Light interior stairs

In a few minutes my dinner (take out fried chicken) will arrive and soon after that Shana and I will go to the new house to spend our first night there  - in the guest room, where we have actual dressed beds set up. Wednesday the demolition guy will be there to tear out our bathroom and I will be relegated to a porta-potty the the back yard (a surprisingly affordable option) and showers to be taken at the House of Dobberteen until our bathroom is finished. I will take some "before" pictures, but will probably not post them until I have some  "during" and "after" pictures. There is something discouraging and unattractive about a living room furnished with three camp chairs and an ice cream machine in the box serving as an end table.

The part time job with A Major Retailer is going well - at least I think so. I am enjoying it and I'm sure it is giving me good exercise. My feet, legs and hands are a little annoyed with me tonight, but I would argue that moving boxes from storage into my basement are at least as much to blame for the pain.
Cape Cod Light interior stairs

Pictures are from the Interior of Cape Cod Light, not the interior of my house!

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Kay Dennison said...

Glad you're on track and that you found a job! Can't wait to see your house!!!