Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Moving Decor

With the garage sale looming and our helper coming in the next couple of days to sort and price we just couldn't wait any longer to move out the furniture we planned to sell.

This means that my Man Cave furnishings now consist of a few boxes and this attractive office setup.  Seating is strictly floor level.  This does make it easier to cut down on the online games!

The front room is totally full of boxes since it's my main staging area for packed goods.  The den was in pretty civilized condition until this morning.  I was trying to keep it in original condition as long as possible so Shana could have a calm space but today we had to change our arrangements for an entertainment center.  Very High Tech Minimal, I thought.

I had Suitcase Rehearsal this morning to see what might actually fit in the car and we each know how many items we can each bring.  Shana's not sure that she needs to have a tote bag, and I don't know how I will choose only one.  Typical.  I had a temporary freak out moment when I could not find either of my cameras.  I finally found one, and since it is the one I want for the drive to Massachusetts I'm less worried about the other,  I think it's in my giant tote bag with my batteries, tarot cards, and other assorted urgently needed junk.

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