Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bumpy Road

Poor little Vivian fell out of the car the other day and cracked her little collarbone.  Of course it does not compare with the trauma in Japan, but since she's our precious little girl it's very sad indeed.

I'm watching the nuclear story in Japan with fascination and dread, knowing that like all things having to do with nuclear power plants we are not being told the truth and that the full truth will not be known for many years because of the time it takes for some injuries to manifest.  I've been undecided about nuclear power plants.  I can see the value, but questions of design and safety are not openly addressed.  Like so many things, questions of profitability make obfuscation the default.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Poor wee Vivian, I hope that heals up fast. Ellen, tell her that a great big girl (my 17 year old B) was roller skating and someone ran her into a wall and popped that same bone. It gets better, and all will be well and as good as new. Sending little kisses and gentle hugs.

Nuclear, no we don't ever get the whole truth or even half truth. They want them, they will obfuscate and twist things until they get to build their multimillion dollar projects, and "just because...." I'm sick of it.