Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moving Towards the Compact Life

We are now about eight weeks out from our move to Cape Cod, and efforts to scale down on possessions are in full swing. Sadly, Shana and I take opposing positions on this issue. I resist all efforts to get rid of stuff, and Shana is always ready to sell, give away, or toss any and all stuff. I always think I will need the item again some day, or cannot bear to throw away something "perfectly good" even if I have no foreseeable use for it. Shana will get rid of something, only to find the very next week that she urgently needs to
have that very thing. So far we have not come to a crisis about any one thing, but as we get closer the pain is sure to increase.

Not only are a significant number of things not going to make the cut, but EVERYTHING except for the barest essentials will be in storage for a while. I am feeling very anxious. My Books! My Yarn Stash! My Tool Box! My Sewing Machine! It's enough to make me itch. Everything will be about a mile away and accessible, but I'm still
nervous about it. I've literally never been without my nine cartons of books and choosing just a few to keep with me is really hard. At least with the Internet at my fingertips I will not lack for things to read, and I can research anything I choose without having to dig through the storage unit.

And one more thing to inspire anxiety among the old: apparently two spaces after every period is not done anymore. This convention ended after the introduction of proportional fonts. All the cool kids are only using one space these days. After some research and some thought I can acknowledge the it is obsolete, but it so much a habit for me I can hardly remember to do it. I wonder if it is worse to be inconsistent or old fashioned.


Maia said...

I still do the two spaces. Not sure if I can give it up even though I know it is out of fashion. I vote for being consistently old-fashioned.

Good luck with the move and the aftermath.

Nancy said...

How can I stop with the two spaces when I've been doing it for decades???

Just popped into your blog from Craft Sanity and look forward to checking it out. I'm in the middle of purging, too :-)

lacochran's evil twin said...

Good grammar, speeling and usage was never cool. I'm happy to be uncool.