Sunday, May 16, 2010

Traffic is Going Slow Due to the Ice on the Road

No, Oklahoma has not suddenly moved to Zone 5; the ice on the road is a truckload of large hail. We knew it was coming, but couldn't do anything about it. Our garage is too full of bicycles and garage sale candidates for cars.

Shana's car got the most damage, but both of our cars are beat to death and covered with hail dents. Tennis ball sized hail will do that. Both of our windshields are broken, and her back window is completely broken out, including damage to the
back deck which looks like someone has stomped around on it. Her back deck speakers and the controls to fold down the seat are torn up. We are keeping Rita overnight - neither one of us has a car to drive until we can get some repairs done.

Our rose bush which was covered in a huge flush of bloom now has no flowers at all. The pots I just
planted last Sunday are trashed. Still, no
windows were broken on the house and no one was injured. I've not been up on the roof, but we'll be calling the adjusters in the morning to get a look at it. With any luck they will arrive with the auto glass guys and we'll have everything taken care of at once. We'll have some pretty significant inconvenience for a few days but that's all it will be.

Oklahoma Spring weather - it keeps us in the news!

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Wow! The wimpy hail we got back in March or April was little spit wad sized. I can see why the cars got damaged and happily you all were not out in it. That stuff is HUGE!

Love the Geese. Is the white one a watch goose? or gander.. hmm.. I don't know my fowl as well as in days gone by. lol

Prairie dogs are all but extinct in the western states so that's a rare little group.