Friday, May 21, 2010

Life After Hail

This week at work we had our first "Benefits Fair". Instead of sitting in the world's most long and boring meeting waiting for our particular topics of interest to be discussed the lunch room was decorated with streamers and banners and set up with tables for our various benefits providers so we could visit with the ones we wanted to see and pass the others by. We got our new tote bag, lots of fun goodies, and a free box lunch. Our benefits package has actually improved some (a rarity in these days) and the cost has gone down a little bit. I'm posting a picture of the decor without additional comment.

Those who know why it's funny will laugh. I did.

Spring at my office means goslings, and lots of them. This lady nests close to the front doors of our office every year. She'll hiss at you if you come too close (and you have to get really close before she gets worried) but she doesn't budge.

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