Sunday, May 02, 2010

Poking Holes in my Assumptions

Almost every Sunday (when I don't play hooky) the sermon seems to hit uncomfortably close to home. This week the topic was love - but not in the usual "love your neighbor and be a good example" way (not that I don't think that is also an important thing), but in the "Faced with the ugly, mean natured, unpleasant, bigoted, nasty people who you assume to be so much less worthy than you reach out in love" way. Sigh. It's so much easier to love (at a distance) the Deserving Poor than it is to see God in the Teabaggers.

The picture today is blooming grass by the side of the road blowing in the wind. It's a lovely sight that is easy to miss if you are looking around for scenes of more dramatic beauty. If you believe in a Creator we are all as God made us, and if you don't we are all a part of the indivisible whole of the universe. Either way we can't be looking past what we are meant to see and hope to make the best of our lives.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

That is a wonderful photo of the beauty in unexpected places, or events, and a beautiful exposition on God's unconditional Love.

Yes, love from a distance is the only way to be able to love some people, and here I'm thinking of the distance between the struggling Soul, and the earthly manifestation of it we call the human being, that we find before us. Looking past to the Soul is a step toward that unconditional love and is a facilitator of that level of loving. I hope it makes sense.