Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Can't Say We Missed Anything

To round out the week of winter excitement this morning we had Freezing Fog. We started out with a bit over 1/2 inch of ice, followed by about 2" of sleet mixed with freezing rain, followed up with 8" of snow (mixed with freezing rain), and this morning garnished with a bit of freezing fog. Freezing fog paints the edges of leaves with little point of frost, like frost on a window pane. It can really only build up like this when there is not wind. Considering that the default here in Oklahoma seems to be a 10 mile per hour "breeze" we don't get the full effect often. The fog has mostly lifted now, and light snow is falling. It rather gives the lie to the TV weather claims that our weather today is clearing and warming. No matter, by later this week we'll be back in the 50's with rain.


barry knister said...

Two things:
Thank you for talking about the weather. Reading what you say serves to underscore the wisdom of having left Michigan for Florida for four months.
Thank you for the beautiful photos of Roxanne. But I don't think you should criticize her literary bent. A dog that reads is a blessing. It's possible you might be interested in reading the reviews of my novel about dogs and owners, JUST BILL. The reviews are posted on Amazon.
Barry Knister

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Wow, what beautiful things fog can do when the weather is frosty. That looks like a gorgeous piece of wrapping paper that photo.