Friday, January 29, 2010

(Ice and) Snow Day

We're "enjoying" another round of dramatic winter weather this week. Yesterday we got freezing rain turning to sleet, and back to freezing rain. This morning we had light freezing rain changing to mostly snow mixed with a smidgen of the ever popular freezing rain. With the schedule of probable weather in mind, the office was scheduled to close yesterday at 2:00. Anyone with poor winter driving skills or easily terrified by other drivers was welcome to leave earlier. In OKC we changed over to sleet earlier than expected, so we "only" got about 1/2 inch of freezing rain. This was a total pain to get off of my car, but not enough to bring down many power lines or trees (YAY). One reason few trees are coming down in OKC is because we had a major ice storm two years ago and everything fragile broke off then. Just a little bit south of the metro area there was about 1 1/2 inches of ice, which was just devastating. Whole trees were taken down, and no one in Purcell has power. The roads all over the state are awful with trucks jackknifed and some stretches of I35 closed because of power lines coming down over the road. This morning I called the office hotline before I went out to start up my defroster so I'd be able to scrape my car. The announced status was that the office would be open, so out I went to do my duty. I had to go right back in to get the hair dryer so I could get into my car to start it. Once I got to work (only a little bit late) I was greeted with the information that the office was now closed. I got this information from a friend headed back to her car, but she got the information on her office email. GAH. As an example of how Oklahoma weather works, the high temperature Wednesday was 65.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Love the picture of the Evil Wild Dog of the Prairie, taking her rest in the sunny spot.

Your day temperature can be 65? What a strange weather pattern that is! We get clear cold nights down to 20 degrees, sometimes losing a few tender plants. This year, so far, it hasn't happened. Maybe that stuff all went to Florida.