Sunday, May 03, 2009

This weekend we had Vivian staying over Saturday night, and Aunt Rita came today to spend the afternoon on Sunday. I had hoped for some cycling time, but every moment when it was not actually raining it was cold and miserable. No bikes for us, so it was a good weekend for visiting.

Vivian came over after supper Saturday, and I made a tactical error settling her down for the night. I'd been putting her down in my crafts room because usually when she's here I have other overnight guests. She's settled down comfortably down on a pallet on the floor with a minimum of crying. I did not anticipate a problem settling her down in my bedroom - why would that not be even better? It's quieter and there are many fewer distractions around. Well, of course it's a room she has never seen much of, so she was not happy at all. I lay down next to her for a bit, and when she stayed a little restless I thought I'd bring my book in with my book light (it never bothers Shana). Turns out that is enough light to stimulate a little person. Vivian ran around the bed for a while, tugging at my book light cord and hair alternately. After a while I gave up and turned the light off, after ascertaining that "Let go" was a sentence she knew well!

We had a fun time, including "Be Nice To The Dog" lessons, a shower followed by running through the house naked while is chased her, and intransigent demands for more and yet more bananas. She's becoming a little person with ideas of her own, and is experiencing some of the frustration of the fabled "terrible twos". Vivian has a lot to say and it's not always possible for me to understand her. Jumping up and down and screaming next to the bananas was pretty easy to figure out, though.
With only two weeks to go until vacation it's all Grand Canyon all the time around here. Now in addition to the basic list of equipment and a rough schedule of activities we've got the grocery list ready to be filled.

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