Friday, May 01, 2009

Rocky Mountain Sighs

This year I visited Colorado in April. Some may say it was an effort to drag my birthday celebration over as many miles and days as possible, but I say I was just trying to bring some moisture to the Mile High City. And incidentally get more cake. The rain started halfway across Kansas and continued for the first two days of my visit. A lot of Colorado got huge amounts of wet, heavy snow, but Brighton only saw a few inches of the white stuff.

By the time I left temperatures were in the eighties - whatever I pack for Denver in the spring I always wish I had brought more of something else. You could get a good idea of my priorities these days by checking our what I put into the car for a week's visit. My clothes took up one carry on bag. The dog's luggage took up about the same space. Then there was the "stuff". Huge quantities of stuff. Three knitting projects, two cameras (I forgot the memory card for my big camera - that's another issue altogether, but as it happened I did not take many pictures) Two books - and my mother always has masses of books around. Chargers for everything, of course. Two books on CD, freshly reloaded IPod, music CD's. Car snacks, Starbucks' cup. Apparently I though I was headed off into The Wild for a month.

I had my usual good visit. Richard and I went to the movies, to Starbucks, Target, and to his PT. It's easy to see why he's enjoying his therapy. In addition the good results he's getting, the clinic is staffed with some very cute young therapists. Very motivating indeed!

Mom and I went to Target, Starbucks, and the local yarn store. Mom's plan was to get in some walking to kick off her spring walking program, so one day we walked downtown to check our Deer Pants, a recently opened fiber arts store in downtown Brighton. We met the owner and she was good enough to show us around and demonstrate the wonders of a knitting machine. She's so personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I'll definitely add her store to my yearly plans. The store is really attractive, with exposed brick walls and a loft.

Since we had already had our yarn crawl in Brighton, Mom and I drove up to Golden for a visit to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum . Golden was socked in with snow on Saturday, but by Tuesday there was not a speck to be seen. The quilt museum is rather small, just two galleries. As it turned out, it was just the right size for us. The quilts were so beautiful and so detailed that had there been more of them we'd have worn out our brains examining them. With a small number to see we could really appreciate the beauty and detail of each one. I had been hoping they would have some modern quilts on display. The ones they were showing the week we stopped in were very traditional, but I still enjoyed them very much. There was a little museum store just crammed with yummy things for us to resist. And resist we did. I had never been to Golden other than to tour the Coors Beer plant, so I was happy to visit downtown Golden. Mom and I enjoyed strolling around eating ice cream and window shopping.

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