Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa (and) Baby

Logan had his first visit with Santa Claus this year. He looks really serious in this picture, but according to his mom, he was very happy to visit with Santa, but the efforts of Mom and Santa's Helper to make him look at them and smile made him very annoyed. He's just a Very Serious Boy.

I am actually finished with everything now (and not a moment too soon). All I have to do is put my cookie trays together and bake the traditional Turkey Butt Cake for our Christmas brunch. Dinner with the kids and their dad had to be moved to Christmas evening because Alex has to work tonight (the joys of a retail job). Tomorrow will be a busy day. Friday I have hopes of a knit-in with one of my friends who has a yen to learn, and coffee later to the local Starbucks, or maybe The Red Cup, which has the advantage of being locally owned and next door to a very nice yarn store.

I made Shelley some sparkly knit earrings this year - no time to knit her a pair of socks, but maybe the next best thing? For about a minute I had the mad idea to knit a similar pair for Shana but I came to my senses. They are not exactly her style. I will definitely make myself a pair though. Not too hard once you figure it out, and very pretty.


Logan's Mom said...

Mom, a gal that I used to work with used to knit silver chokers. They were beautiful and would work on the same principals as these earrings.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Those are pretty earrings. :) Light and lacy and sparkly.

It sounds like you had a very good Holiday, though hectic with that oven issue. a butt cake? I just can't imagine what it's shaping is. heehee

I've been a very bad blogger and reader this last half year. I'll try to do better at it in 2009.