Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm not Dead (yet)

But I am sure not posting as often as I like. When I spent most of October slaving over the gorgeous but demanding Peacock Feathers Shawl I doomed myself to panic knitting for the very few handknits I had committed to. I was feeling OK about that, until it sunk in that I did have a handknit that needed to be in the mail in time to reach the recipient for Christmas. DUH. I lost track of the date and finished one item up at the last possible second & went straight out to the post office 20 minutes before closing. Now I'm down to one sock and one baby hat and I think it can be done. Maybe. I started the hat twice. The first time I was getting a wonky gauge AND my initial choice of yarn was turning out to be ugly and itchy. I think the second incarnation will be very cute.

Even though I has down to the wire with my knitting I agreed to have Vivian spend the evening with me last Sunday. It was worth every minute of craziness to have her over to visit. I had the mad thought before I picked her up that I might be able to get in a few rows while she was here but of course that was not possible. She was running around getting into everything, and it quickly became obvious that if I whipped out the knitting she would be right there taking it apart. She was wearing little pink boots that she loved so much that I could not get her to take them off even to take a nap.

Baking starts today, although I probably won't be getting everything done today. I have only one small oven to work with - Oven Man (my hero) is coming Tuesday for the third visit to get the upper oven repaired. It won't help my cookie extravaganza, but we'll have two ovens in operation on Christmas Day, which makes out planning for our brunch much easier. Typical for this year of having all of our holiday out of whack, we don't even have our ham yet.

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