Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gauge is a Big Fat Liar

There's a rash of babies due at my office, and I don't have the stomach (or wrists) to craft up a blankie for every one of them. I do like to make a little something, and have a realistic idea of how often those adorable booties really get worn. This leaves hats as the obvious choice. They are cute, quick, and inexpensive to make. I looked at many a book, and decided upon Baby Beanies by Amanda Keeys as the ideal book for me. It has lots of easy and cute patterns sized from newborn to 2 years+. I had a request for a baby hat to be a Christmas gift. I had a type of cap in mind and after first choosing an unsuitable yarn and having to rip, I got started on what I thought might be the final version. The cutie in question is kind of a big baby, and based on his current weight I selected a size that should be suitable for a one year old. It seemed big. I checked my gauge. Twice. I proceeded to make a cap that fit Shana pretty well, and in fact would cover my own largish head although not in a flattering way. I proceeded to make another in the next smaller size, which I sent away before taking a picture, which is rather a shame because it ended up not resembling the pattern in any way but was pretty much the exact hat I was imagining. I do recommend this book, but be aware that Gauge is a Big Fat Liar. I know that garter stitch is stretchy, and that baby heads are disproportionately large, but this was just laughable.

Today was the day for Shana to take Aunt Rita out to do her Christmas shopping. This is something she's been doing for many years, and it's down to a very tight routine. It always happens on the last or next to last weekend before Christmas. There is a list of socks and underwear in various sizes and forms for everyone. If Rita gets me a gift she selects freely from candles, with occasional ventures into house shoes. Some years Nancy has time to help her make gifts, so less shopping is needed. Shana usually takes her to Target, and tries to get out early to avoid fighting with a crowd. I went along this time because I had one more gift item to pick up and I needed shoe polish and face soap (I lead a riveting life). I also wanted to memorialize the yearly occasion when Aunt Rita opens her wallet. It's something of a family joke that Rita has more money than anyone because she never spends any. It's actually about half true, and she has mastered the slow fumble and the "forgotten" wallet perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

hey, don't get the shoe polish and face wash confused. that would not be a good thing.

cute hat, though. i, too, made a very large earflap hat last week. it was accidental.