Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snake River Canyon

While I was in Boise things were going smoothly enough for us to decide to visit a bit of natural beauty. One afternoon we drove out to see the Snake River Canyon. Although the weather was very cool while I was in Boise there was not a lot of wind. Of course in the canyon there was virtually no wind. I was particularly struck by the contrast between the desert landscape within the canyon, and the deep water of the river. Although at this point it is not very wide, it can accommodate a surprisingly large boat. This was Logan's first outdoor adventure. He spent only a minute or two outside of the car (wrapped up in the Big Bad Bulletproof Baby Blanket), but I'm sure he will have a great time growing up camping , hunting, and fishing. In that regard he will be lucky in his choice of parents as both of them enjoy the outdoors. I must admit the comparison of Oklahoma City to Boise based on the opportunities for outdoor adventure makes me a bit envious. On the other hand, the amount of cold weather compared to Oklahoma would mean that I would be outside enjoying the outdoors less!

In preparation for my visit I packed all kinds of knitting projects, of course. My flight out from Oklahoma City included a long layover in Salt Lake City, which is the single most boring airport I ever pass through. I thought that with that in mind I might blow through a lot of knitting. As it turns out I nearly completed a pair of basic 3x1 rib socks which I cast on for in the Oklahoma City airport, but that was all I did. Jennifer and I spent more time running around Boise than I had anticipated, and of course I had to spoil the baby, so I only had a little knitting time. Today I'll close the toe of the second sock and I'll have a new pair for Me Me Me! They are Austermann Step, which I have never used before. I found it knitting with it quite pleasant. We'll see if they are as kind to my feet as advertised. I was pleasantly surprised that they are a good match. I started the first sock at the beginning of the skein without regard to the color changes, and started the second sock with a guess at what "might" make a match. They turned out to be practically perfect matches.

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