Monday, February 18, 2008

Drive By boise

For anyone whose day is not complete without fresh baby pictures, here are two cuties. Jennifer and I have been out and about with Baby Logan, scheduling carefully between feedings, although yesterday we missed in a big way because we ended up making a lot of stops. In search of sports wash we hit three sporting goods stores, including REI (where is was hard to stay on task instead of wandering idly all over the store). I was mighty tempted to add Cabela's to the list of stops just because we were nearby, but Jennifer was out of steam , we STILL had a stop to make before we went home, and I thought I could live a few more days without a Mountain Man Hat. Logan went from silent sleeping to red-faced screeching in about two seconds flat. Fast paying and running out of the store was the order of the day.

I thought I was finished with the first sock of my traveling pair, but I stopped and looked at it just before I closed the toe to realize that I had somehow thought my foot was 5" long. It's not. Rippity Rip back before the decreases to fix it. I did finish it last night, and the mate is underway.

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