Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back In Boise (now with luggage)

I arrived in Boise Thursday night without luggage, which was not exactly a big deal, but also without the camera cable I had packed in order to be able to upload pictures, which was a big deal. In order to score cheap a cheap seat I had two changes of planes which also involved a change of carriers. While I ran almost all the way across the Denver airport to make my connection for my intermediate stop at Salt lake City after arriving after my scheduled departure time, my bag chose an easier route. My bag flew straight to Boise on the next departure and beat me to Boise. Sadly, when I arrived at the airport late at night I did not know that my bag was lounging in a completely different claim area. The nice man in Bombay who tried to answer my questions the next day also did not know my luggage had enjoyed a change of itinerary, although he was very happy to tell me the arrival times of all flights into Boise in case I wanted to meet the plane. Yesterday night a man from my first carrier called my cell phone from Boise, thinking that my luggage was here and I was in Oklahoma City. I quickly told him the story, and my bag was sitting on the doorstep when I woke up!!! YAY. My camera cable and my baby handknits and my clean underwear had finally joined me. Lucky for me Jennifer and I are close enough in size that it wasn't too inconvenient to wait, except for being unable to upload any pictures. We were a bit concerned about the Bulletproof Baby blanket, which had been in the bag. I REALLY did not want to knit another one.

Friday I was lucky enough to chronicle my beautiful grandson's first bath. He was not nearly as happy about this occasion as I was, and was not shy about expressing his opinion on the subject. He was mad, Mommy felt sorry to be the cause of somuch screaming, and Grandma laughed. He survived, of course, and spent the rest of the day trying to undo the effects of the bath. The day included a trip to the office for an Official Baby Demonstration and a visit to WalMart. By evening he was worn out and slept a record five hours, much to Jennifer's approval. More pictures in my Flickr gallery - link on the sidebar.

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Anne P said...

Simply adorable! Glad you are back safely too. :)