Saturday, December 01, 2007

Before the Event

Today we are getting ready to host a party for the Big Twelve Championship. Oklahoma University will play Missouri in San Antonio tonight. We'll be hanging out at the house with the girls yelling for our team and eating good food. I believe Kimberly will be making Chili, and delicious surprises will be arriving. I have made up a tiramisu for desert. Somehow I never seem to be able to locate the same tiramisu recipe twice, but all the ones I have tried have been good, so I'm not worried. Of course all will taste so much better if our team plays well and wins.

I have been able to squeeze in a little knitting this week. The orange Trekking socks are almost through the gusset, and I have another repeat done on the pink monkey socks. I have a little doubt about the gusset pickups, but I don't really know if one side of the second sock looks a little holey, or if I just want an excuse to keep them out of the possible gift pile. Once they are washed I'll be better able to judge. Other large swathes of knitting time have been taken up with fantasizing over various choices for the yarn I picked up in Boston. Yarn was stroked and fingered, yardages and gauges compared, possibilities chosen and discarded. I think I've got the final choices: Muir for the shawl and Helleborus for the scarf. I'm mighty tempted to cast on for either or both immediately, but I must first review my holiday projects like a good, responsible knitter. Time is slipping away for gift knitting, and I think it's probably too late for anything not already under way.

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Thanks for dropping by - I'm glad you found me. I've now subscribed and will visit you too. ;)

Btw, tiramisu is my favourite!