Saturday, December 22, 2007

Guess Who Came to Dinner - and Breakfast

Miss Vivian came to visit with us this weekend. I picked her up Friday afternoon and she'll be here until Sunday. She's starting to crawl now and she's all hands. Right now she's trying to poke the eyes out of a very nice vintage Effanbee Butterball baby doll. A minute ago she got her hands on my keyboard and caused all kinds of mayhem. Lucky for me her crawling skills are as yet rudimentary, so she can't yet get into everything that attracts her attention. She really wants to get her hands on Roxy. This would not be a great idea.
We went out to breakfast this morning with Shelley and got back just in the nick of time. When we left home we had a light rain, southerly wind and temperatures were probably in the 50's. By the time we got home the wind had swung around to the north and the rain was changing to snow and it was much colder. Shana took Roxy out for a walk and even Roxy was ready to come back by the time they got to the corner. Right now we are happy to be indoors.
My holiday baking is done - one more candy item to make and then I can put the trays together tomorrow afternoon. Everything so far tastes great. I am planning to have it all out of here by Christmas afternoon! Last minute knitting should hit the wash tomorrow afternoon as well. Then Vivian will be going home and I will lounge around in splendid idleness. Ho Ho Ho!

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