Saturday, December 08, 2007


See how truly clever I can be - I've chosen one of the best crossword/scrabble words ever for a blog entry title. A sign of the purest desperation, or maybe I am just too easily amused. I do have a few oddments to blog about, though, and no useful way of tying them together. Pictures for this entry will also be oddly assorted, but too bad!

First up, a You Tube clip, concerning the natural state of men in winter. If you don't fall over dead from laughter you have never met a man.

Samantha has been here since Thursday night. Friday morning she had her wisdom teeth extracted. She's actually doing quite well. She arranged for the procedure herself, including scheduling the procedure, checking her insurance coverage, and arranging for me to be able to care for her afterward. This is a big deal because it demonstrated to me that she is growing up and beginning to take responsibility for herself. One thing she did not have control over has given us a little trouble. She was referred to OMA for her extractions. *here begins the rant* My first clue that it was going to be all about money was the sumptuous decor of the waiting room. It was also crammed full of people waiting for their surgeries. The traditional forms that needed to be filled out were presented, in a telling order. Financial Responsibility first, at great length, in great detail. I did not give them my cell number. Then the medical form. Samantha took the forms to the desk and the excitement began. Sam called me up to the desk, where the receptionist asked me for $595 (!) on the spot. Uh, no. I pointed out that since this was a surprise to me I did not come prepared to pay such a sum at that time. The reception bot told me I had received an email detailing this charge. I pointed out that they did not have my email address until this very moment. She called out a person of indeterminate responsibility to confirm that this was in fact the correct amount, who proceeded to tell me I received an email at least a week ago with this info. I reiterated that I have received no such email, and while I did not on principal object to paying, I was not prepared to pay at this time. She called out to someone in the back to produce the incriminating email, which never appeared, and was never mentioned again. They allowed as how I could pay half of it on the spot and the rest would be billed. I put it on a card and things proceeded. Sam was finished soon, and while receiving her post procedure instructions I was offered an option of receiving her prescriptions right there, without the trouble of a separate stop, for $30 they would not file with my insurance for these meds. I asked what medicines these would be, and was told amoxyc***** and lor***. Being familiar with both of these, and knowing them both to be fabulously cheap, I told her thanks, but I was pretty sure I could get them filled for half of that price and would just take them with me. Turns out that for BOTH prescriptions, with my insurance, my cost was $8.00. Apparently there is no part of our medical system too small or mean to turn to a profit on. I think that this may be the central issue of health care today. It's all business, and we are the cash cows. Rant over.

The orange Trekking socks are finished. This weekend I am at home either taking care of Sam or hiding from bad weather, so I have great hopes of getting Vivian's sock monkey done, along with another small project (or two!). From an impossible load my Christmas crafting is beginning to slip into the manageable chaos range. Of course this also means that it will not be long before I am ready to cast on for a project for me me me!

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