Saturday, October 27, 2007

Things That May or May not Go Bump in the Night

Halloween is coming and scary things abound in the world. The Neel Vet Clinic is having a trick-or-treat party for dogs tonight. Roxy and Skippy are going. Roxy is going as a ghost. Skippy was planning to go as a bunny, but at the last minute decided on something a little more obscure. He will be attending as "Christmas Dog". This should be interesting indeed. Shelley is also being escorted by a canine companion whose costume is yet to be announced.

I had an overnight guest Friday night. Alex was having a Halloween party at his place, and Miss Vivian came to spend the night where it was calm and quiet. Friday night she was a bit of a fusspot, but Saturday morning she made up for any ill humor the night before. What a cutie! She's not crawling yet, although she's making attempts at the classic Marine low-crawl. She makes up for that by rolling around wherever she wants to go. She can just about sit up without support, but has moved on to standing as the preferred posture. There is no point in sitting or lounging when there is someone around to hold you up on your feet or stand you up next to a handy support. Roxy once again showed herself to be but a poor dog auntie. She's not altogether sure whether Vivian should be classified as prey item, competition, or food source. None of these choices are appropriate. The Evil Wild Dog of the Prairie had to stay on a lead during Vivian's visit.

I've added a couple of items to the finished object list. The Jigsaw Socks are complete, and one Marsan Watchcap has joined the list. The socks are good looking. Oddly, while I made no attempt whatever to line up the striping because I though the pattern would obscure it, the striping seems to have lined itself up. The cap, while very attractive in person, is less than interesting in a photo. I've got a photo or two in my Flickr gallery which is hideously overexposed but shows the stitch definition beautifully. Sadly, it looks like an alien hat floating ominously in space under its own power.

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