Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Lunch Fun

Since today is Friday (yay!) I took the opportunity to enjoy a part of my free afternoon visiting with Vivian. Alex happened to be off work today, so Vivian, Alex, Jamie and I went out for lunch. As usual, I was arriving during Vivian's naptime. Jamie bundled her sleeping body into the car seat and away we went to a local sandwich shop. We ordered our sandwiches and settled in to eat, occasionally taking flash pictures of Vivian sound asleep. Serves us right, not one of them came out. I was using Shana's Panasonic, which I really don't know how to use. Every flash picture came out overexposed. But - all the flashing woke her up, and I brought her up to sit with me. Her main interest was my sandwich, my glasses, and the camera, in that order. After we finished our sandwiches we went on to ice cream. Then the interest turned out to be all ice cream all the time!

She changes so much every time I see her. Now she's trying to crawl and likes to try all sorts of food. She's crazy about guacamole, of all things. She's looking less like generic baby and more like her little self. It seems she'll look a lot like her mother, with the same eyes, lips, and chin. Her nose is beginning to look like it will grow into her mom's too.

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