Monday, January 05, 2015

No Name Post

It's the first week of the new year and I am just doing a quick drive by post for a reference of how I am doing so far.

I have not bought any cookies, but a friend and I went out for lunch today and we did split a very chocolaty desert. When I came home from my Christmas trip I ate up all the ice cream and most of the cookies in the house immediately. Eating habits still need work, in short. I'll be getting my exercise regime started up again tomorrow. Now that I am not lugging and toting for 20 hours per week I need to get out and make an effort.

I have not touched my partially completed sweater yet, although I did move it upstairs where I could not fail to see it. I did finish a pair of socks and have been working on the angora scarf that Mitzi wants so badly to chew up. I'll wear it, too. Cold weather is coming in so I expect to be swathed in all things woolly all week. Next week looks snowy, too.

I have been watching much less TV but possibly because I have been online quite a bit in the last few days. I have picked up my Tumblr again with my usual yearly intention of 365 photos. This year so far it's all selfies, but I'm sure that will change. I need to spend some time on my Flickr site to get current, and I have had to do a bit of maintenance on my Evernote notes because some of their settings have changed a bit and I had trouble finding things. I've been cleaning up my old bookmarks and checking into the bookmarked sites I have not visited recently to be sure they are still posting and that I am still interested in them. I must admit I read a lot of back posts while I was about it. It is interesting to see what has changed and what is the same on my old favorites. Since I first created those bookmarks I have changed some of my "surfing" habits. Some blogs I just follow the Twitter or Instagram feeds to keep up with activity, some I "like" on Facebook, some I follow a board or two on Pinterest. I haven't really settled on a good way to handle keeping up with blogs. No one method seems to work for all blogs; some post frequently, some have moved more of their content to Twitter. I am still posting on all platforms, but blogging seems to be waning as the short forms are growing in popularity.

Moving forward, but not evenly on all fronts, in short. All pictures featured today are summer seaside because that's what I want to see in winter!

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naomi dagen bloom said...

Yours is a high standard since I'm doing almost nothing. Knitting: trying to finish chicken toy for granddaughter--have all the decorative pieces (beak, dots) but it's the very last, simple stuff that confounds.

Very good luck to you on your expectations for activity in 2015--and a good year of gardening too.