Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas by the Numbers

2014 shipping
I've finished my crafting and even shipped all my non-local gifts out (if you are expecting one look for it on Monday) and here are the knitting numbers:

Pairs of socks: 5
Hats:  6
Mitts: 3
Shawls:  1
Slippers: 1

There is also an item crafted but not knit, but the recipient is a reader, so you'll have to imagine something fabulous. This does not include things that were ripped and reknit, either! There is also a pair of mittens still on the needles which I decided against gifting, so it will be for me. I am still watching Christmas movies, but now I do it while relaxing and knitting for myself or reading.

Our westie has proved to be an unexpected bar to knitting efficiency. Not only has she decided that time spent in the same room with a dog should be time spent with the dog on your lap, but she is taking an unholy interest in my yarn. She seized a leftover quarter skein of cashmere sock yarn and unspooled it into a horrid mess (which I wound back into a ball because I am determined to have it as wristers for
Roxy in her new bed
myself) and is trying persistently to get at the 40% angora scarf I have started for myself with "souvenir yarn" I purchassed on a visit to New Hampshire.  That project is likely to proceed slowly because it is a twelve row pattern which is not charted and apparently I am only going to work on it when I am not at home. I will chart it, but I still have to pay a little attention because although it is a simple lace pattern it is one where errors will to noticeable. I wonder how long I can keep the finished object from her.

Scarf in progress
This week I am putting my money where my mouth is and beginning a volunteer position. I will be volunteering at the Centerville MSPCA facility, I think I will be doing my what they call Direct Animal Care. What that entails exactly I am not sure, but I will be helping to care for animals who have not fared as well as my Amazing Roxanne, who will be turning 16 this year. She's been with us since 2001, and Shana's father is fond of saying she won the lottery when she came to us. As long as I am in good health and have the time I want to contribute some good to our community.

Lest anyone think that the Amazing Roxanne has turned into the "good" dog, let me tell you that we now keep our toilet paper in a little basket on the counter. Yesterday she discovered that the tissue paper sticking out of gift bags makes a very desirable toilet paper substitute for tearing up.  Any facial tissue left around, especially if it contains some DNA is fair game. Also I forgot I had been given a candy cane at my Monday morning meeting with the Twisted Stitchers and had left it in my knitting bag on the floor.  She has almost the knack of getting into the treat cupboard, too.

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