Sunday, October 26, 2014

Good Smiley Things and Little Pleasures

I was sitting around yesterday afternoon happy to have a new(ish) washer and dryer. It occurred to me that I was more then happy about it - I was thrilled and very disappointed that I had no laundry waiting to be done. Running across a list of things on another blog that would make the author smile I thought I might steal her inspiration and list my own smiley list. These ordinary things will always bring a smile:

1.   Roxy deigning to play with Mitzi. Never lasts long, always magical.
2.   Magazines in the mailbox. Always loved magazines, the shiny paper, the intoxicating smell, the  pretty pictures. Still do. I can hardly bear to thrown one away ever, always pass them on.
3.   A walk in the woods. Any woods, anywhere. So restoring.
4.   A cancelled social engagement. It's just like found time, a lovely present.

Truthfully there are loads of things that make me smile - some big things but lots and lots of small things. I am pretty easily amused. I like to shop, but these days it's mainly little purchases that really float my boat. Things like new nail polish, unscratched reading glasses, candy, magazines. I stop by thrift stores to check out the books. I wonder about single shoes left at the side of the road, and send pictures of them to my younger daughter (she returns the favor). That's been a running joke for years. Now that I live near the shore I don't need a whole day at the beach. An hour at the beach improves my mood for days. Knitting with friends always feels wonderful.

Currently I am stalking Mollie Makes Magazine for the fun, pretty content. It's full of projects with what I imagine to be a European-by-Way-of-Finland sensibility. Bright colors, simple lines, decorative with a sense of humor. I have pretty solid crafts credentials - I can knit, crochet, sew, cook and bake well, and lots of other skills in a half-assed way.  When driven by desire for an item I can mobilize my skills to produce something complex and beautiful, but what I really enjoy doing are simple projects with a bit of a punch. I can knit beautiful lace but really enjoy a garter stitch project in a nice yarn. I love Vogue Knitting Magazine to look at and admire the wild and crazy styling, but make many more projects from Knit Simple.

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