Monday, October 27, 2014


Some time ago I met a young woman named Esther. A charming and attractive girl who caused a bit of a stir everywhere she went by flirting with other people's girlfriends, she was self employed as a masseuse, so her schedule had a tendency to be erratic. She did not want to miss out on any jobs, but needed to be sure she had some time set aside for herself. Enter E-Day (Esther Day). Her  E-Day was Thursday; on E-Day she took no jobs, did not favors, did nothing that was not for her own benefit and pleasure.

I have declared Monday to be my E-Day (Ellen Day). I do no work, nothing useful of any kind if you want to be specific. No waiting around for a plumber, no picking up prescriptions, no lawn mowing, no nothing. Monday morning I go to a knitting group for a couple of hours, then out to lunch with a friend and maybe a bit of yarn shopping. I might stick around at one of the local yarn shops to knit with another group, or I might do a little window shopping at another yarn store or a local nursery. Maybe I bring a friend home to sit around knitting and gossiping. Whatever I choose to do it is of my own choosing and is a pleasurable activity. It's surprising how accommodating people can be to your schedule if you are very firm about what you are willing to do. There was a little initial resistance to E-Day due to the general flexibility of my schedule and the obvious frivolity of my plans for the day, but that petered out pretty quick. E-Day is for me only - ask your favors and request my help on any other day.

Halloween is here, and Just Jesse has a video to celebrate!

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