Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ten Movies I have Seen 10 or More Times

A meme caught my eye (a rare thing). I suspect most people who are listing ten movies they have seen ten or more times are listing what they believe to be the finest examples of the American Cinema. I know most of the movies I am listing are no such thing. They are things I turn to when I am knitting and prefer something familiar that I can enjoy without looking at the screen, or they are movies which are comforting when I am tired or overwhelmed. Except for LOTR they do not involve a lot of violence or conflict and the interpersonal relationships may be fraught but they are controlled. I love beautiful costumes and scenery above all things. A good score is a nice plus. I tend to repeat fairly undemanding movies often while more complicated ones I watch more seldom and with more consistent attention.

1.     Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The scenery, the costumes, the literal interpretation of a literary favorite. I know it is not for everyone, but I never tire of it.

2.      Out of Africa - The scenery, the costumes, those flying flamingos! Meryl Streep is mesmerizing.

3.     Sense and Sensibility - Emma Thompson's screenplay captures the heart of the story, and again the scenery, the costumes!

4.      Bleak House - the BBC production with Gillian Anderson. Such a great cast, and such beautiful costumes.

5.     Pride and Prejudice - another BBC production with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. The scenery, the costumes, and it all comes right in the end.

6.     The Jerk - Whimsical and charming, low humor. My favorite comedy, and it includes Bernadette Peters playing a trumpet!

7.     Independence Day - Love the blockbuster destruction, the humor, and the happy ending.

8.     The Day After Tomorrow - I can't resist a disaster movie and this one has it all. Every disaster must destroy the Statue of Liberty, include an instance of Young Love, and it doesn't hurt to have a shot of climate change. I'll really go for any kind of natural disaster movie - volcanoes are especially compelling, but the earth crust disappearing in 2012 was a nice effect.

9.     Men In Black - Funny, fun music, and the idea of aliens among us is curiously entertaining.

10.    Auntie Mame - I've loved this one since I was a child. If you can't quote it you might think I have lost my mind when I do.

11.    The Harry Potter series - Classic private school orphan story with the charming addition of magic. What could be better? Cute stars, great actors in the smaller parts.

Honorable mentions for Twister, Forest Gump (which Shana and I watched three times in a row yesterday), A Christmas Story, and Little Dorrit (yet another BBC production).

I purchase few movies on DVD, but On Demand is a great resource. There is usually one of my old favorites available along with a lot of new favorites to be discovered. It's funny how quickly we have become accustomed to seeing whatever we want to see at any hour of the day or night.

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Hattie said...

I'm getting into those Swedish crime drama series. My favorite movie of all time is Mildred Pierce. I loved its hokey wonderfulness.