Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Endless, But Losing the War

Yes, we had snow again today. Fortunately we had lots of rain overnight and I don't think anything but a few leaves of evening primrose was damaged. Since the evening primrose is a relentless spreader in my yard and turns up in places where I never planted it and may not want it I don't think a few damaged leaves will be anything to mope about. We didn't get past the slushy mess phase this morning, and the sun has been out all day even though temperatures are still quite low.

I've been out to the garden centers examining a few shrubs for future notice. It's helpful to see  what a plant will look like when out of leaf because that is what you will be looking at half the year. I have a fondness, some might say and obsession with shrubs and I always have a spot in mind that needs one (or more more more). I have heard that more mature (ahem) gardeners like shrubs borders better than perennials because they take less effort. That may be true, but not universally. I was looking at some Knockout Roses because they are less susceptible to blackspot, but apparently there is a new virus by the name of Rose Rosette Disease that will be a threat to all kinds of roses. I was staying away from most roses because it's harder to grow them with success without poison but was considering the comparatively easy care knockouts; this gives me another reason to rethink my choices. Luckily the very native shrubs that birds love are the ones least susceptible to all kinds of diseases. So I guess I will be going back to the lists of natives for my next shrubs.

Later this week when the privacy shrubs go in and the front portion of my yard is mulched and grass free I will have some openings. Because my front shrub bed is not absolutely symmetrical I think I can go with a group of Miscanthus sinensis at either end of the bed. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, they are not expensive, and they are beautiful. Maybe next year! As long as my miscanthus selection is not noxious or invasive I should be a happy gardener.

I haunt the craft section of used book stores around here and got a nice haul today. Apparently someone was clearing out an estate because there was a gob of knitting books at my closest used book store. Happy days! I picked up three, and when I have a dollar or two to spare again I know where to go.


Jane said...

Hello, I always enjoy your posts. We have similar interests. Wondering if you are going to put a Like button on your posts---or maybe I missed it

naomi dagen bloom said...

The book in middle has an article I wrote about my spouse starting to spin with wheel made of PVC pipe. Seems so long ago, many adventures onward, and his current tapestry weaving.

What are you knitting now between plantings?