Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter at Loop Beach

We had a few hours of sun yesterday and my work shift was cancelled so I ran out to get in a little walk on the beach before the clouds rolled back in. I chose Loop Beach because it is very close to me and I had never been there. In season you are expected to have the correct sticker but out of season you can suit yourself. Loop is a tiny little beach with very little parking, bounded by private beaches on either side. One side allows walkers to continue on across the private beach, so that's the way I went.

Cape Cod has a lot of beaches, and all are a little different. Obviously the view is slightly different from each. The water temperature differs from one to another: the Vineyard Sound beaches and the northern beaches that face to Bay are warmer and the Atlantic Beaches are cooler, sometimes much cooler. Some beaches are rocky, some have deep sand. What washes ashore varies as well. Some have beach glass, some mainly slipper shells, some have a lot of scallops and scallop shells.  At the Mashpee Town Beach and South Shore Beach I seldom see shells and only a little beach glass. Town Neck Beach in Sandwich (right now pictured at the top of my blog) is rocky and I often pick up a little driftwood there. Many of the Mid and Upper Cape beaches are near beautiful marshes which attract a lot of wildlife. The Atlantic beaches are more likely to have seals visiting (and with them, sharks).

 I saw razor clam shells yesterday, which I have not seen on any other beach I have visited. Loop has a lot of slipper shells too. The tide was coming in, and waves came in with an interesting clicking sound made as the shells rolled over each other. Loop does not have a marsh, and has houses above and quite close to the beach.

By the time I left I had lost the light so I went home to pick up my knitting and a little TV. I've started a Clapotis with my beautiful variegated alpaca Christmas yarn. Alpaca is so pleasant to knit with and feels so good in my hands that it doesn't matter whether I finish the item or not. I'm still working on my sweater - just a few rows from starting my sleeves. I have wound the yarn for my Lovebird Mittens but have not cast on yet. I'm still on the first heel of my Zauberball Crazy socks but they are usually a knit in public project, so I don't usually work on them at home.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Happy Knitting to you Ellen. :-) The Manly Beastly is knit from part alpaca and part silk and is lovely yarn, too. I understand why you like the Alpaca in the Clapotis scarf so much. It will be lovely to wear.