Monday, October 21, 2013

Do the Cape Cod Crud

I've been down for a week with what the very nice Doc in a Box is calling Cape Cod Crud. It's apparently sweeping the Cape and lasts about ten days. Not satisfied with body aches, exhaustion and continuous coughing I added ear infections on both sides of my head with dizziness as an extra added attraction. I'm very disappointed because I have been too tired to knit or work. Holiday knitting time is slipping away, and I had counted on lots of work shifts because all my fall entertainments have used up All The Money. Too bad. I spent  most of the week sleeping on the sofa with the dogs. I never even got up to do a load of laundry or make the bed.

Lucky for me a friend had sent Shana home a few weeks ago with a stack of Fannie Flagg novels. This was about the limit of my reading energy this week, and amusing enough to hold my attention. I think Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man is just about the funniest book I have ever read, and it was so nice to see this old friend in the stack. If you like southern humor this one might just hit the spot.

The Amazing Roxanne (Evil Wild Dog of the Prairie) has gone from older dog to old dog this year. This should not be a surprise to me because she's at least 14 years old, but it makes me sad to see her showing her age. It's hard to keep weight on her although she's not especially active (unless digging up chipmunks is in the mix). She's still interested in walks, rodents, snacks and rides in the car, but quicker to tire and less interested in new things. When Mitzi is barking her head off Roxy will go to see what all the fuss is about, but usually she is not impressed enough to join in the barking. She pretty much shrugs and walks off. Roxy will still bark and offer to bite me on the butt if I leave the house without her, but she does not bother to get out of her chair to do it.

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