Thursday, April 04, 2013

Aerial Footage of Exxon's Tar Sands Spill in Arkansas

No media is allowed, no government representatives are present. Exxon is keeping everyone away, maybe because they do not want you to see what you can expect from the proposed XL Pipeline which will carry Canadian Tar Sands Oil down to the Gulf of Mexico and away to foreign buyers after creating about 250 permanent jobs for Americans. There is no sound with this video. There are a few captions, and you can fill in the rest with gasps of disbelief. This product does not float on the surface of water, it sinks to the bottom. You may therefore assume that the nice reassuring booms you see in the water are useless. One more thing - because this bitumen product is not classified as oil Exxon has not paid anything into the cleanup fund for this, so part of the cost will surely be shouldered by the taxpayer. That would be us, not the 1% and not Exxon.

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