Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Cape Cod Christmas

One of the more unintentionally hilarious Christmas traditions on Cape Cod is the Mashpee Roundabout.  Mashpee is a young town by Cape Cod standards incorporated in 1870, and does not really have a cute town center like most Cape Cod towns. The town center basically consists of the Town Archives, The Country Store (the country is Pakistan), Dunkin Donuts, City Hall, one church, and the only strip club on the Cape. Because of this, the public decorations are pretty much confined to the Mashpee Roundabout. It's very sparkly and fun! It looks like every year sees a little more sparkle.

Shana and I celebrated Christmas Eve with dinner out at the Golden Swan Indian Restaurant in Falmouth. It's always delicious, and after a season of cookies and other rich goodies we are craving something spicy and exotic. We had planned to see a movie after, but the sidewalks roll up early on the Cape and the latest show at all of the movie theaters started at 7:00 pm. We didn't want to rush our festive dinner so we just went on home instead.

Christmas day after opening our fabulous presents we went on over to the House of Dobberteen to join in a family dinner and evening. We had a great time - good company, good food, and lots of family coziness and love. For once the dogs were not cranky and snappy and everyone had a restful and pleasant time.

My haul of Christmas loot was exceptional this year - the Jiffy Steamer that has been on my wish list for years appeared in person at my home (!!!). I've been thinking about sewing again lately and this, combined with my mighty Rowenta iron will make things so easy. I've just put a tailor's ham and seam roll on my wish list to complete my fabulous pressing equipment. Of course these days I seldom wear anything that needs these fabulous pressing skills.

I also scored house socks and warm gloves from one daughter, three skeins of gorgeous bulky alpaca from another, and HOT BOOTIES! As seen on TV! My chronic cold and achy feet are looking forward to using this item. With a giant coffee cup and a new book I am guaranteed a cozy afternoon. I also a received a pretty scarf to add to my cache of classic accessories - Shana got one too so we will be able to swap them and thereby increase the wearables for both of us. A bike basket, chocolates, coffee and hot chocolate, bourbon, cute cocktail napkins, two homegrown avocados and a pair of handmade earrings - the list of treats and treasures is a long one. A lot of cards made their way to our house with kind thoughts from our far away friends and family. We feel so blessed and lucky to have so much, and so many people in our lives that remember us with such generosity and kindness.

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naomi dagen bloom said...

What a glorious haul! Do I envy you more for the silk/wool yarn or the Hot Booties? They may sound too "out there" but once I checked the site, I began to wonder who in the family might go for them.

Now we know why we blog! Also to be reminded of the wonders of beaches along the Cape...sigh. Have a safe and sound New Year. yours, naomi