Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sweet November

Patience may be rewarded
We are coming to the end of November and the weather is gorgeous. The coming week will be cooler but mostly clear, so I can't complain. I will just pile on the hand knits and move mittens and mitts for myself higher on the list of things I need to make more of.

We did not eat these
Thanksgiving was fun - fabulous food and good company. With a crowd in attendance we had ample excuse to go all out and serve both turkey and ham, plus a big assortment of sides in including two kinds of dressing, two kinds of gravy, and oysters. No oysters survived the afternoon, but Shana and I went home with plenty of leftovers including pie. Nothing says Holiday Leftovers to me like pie for breakfast! My pictures of the day are almost uniformly terrible, I am sorry to say. It's seldom I have such a complete failure, but I'll have another chance at Christmas to do better.

Fungus Amongus
There was some kerfuffle on Thanksgiving among the dogs. With all of them jockeying for position to get to the most likely place where meat might fall Mitzi and Louie were at odds, which made Roxy look like the angel she assuredly is not. She just slipped around getting as many treats as possible. The day was so exciting for her that she was exhausted when it was over.

I'm deep into holiday knitting and shopping, with most of my list under control. As usual the knitting is backing up! I've done nearly all of my shopping online this year. There are not a lot of retail outlets on Cape to choose from and no power on earth cold get me into a store on Black Friday to shop, although I did work that day. Despite the lack of door busters, The Major Retailer where I work was quite solidly slammed nearly all day. I was on the floor all day and had a very few minutes when there was no one waiting to be rung up. I am happy to say that I did not have to witness any of the ghastly mayhem that is surfacing on You Tube this week. It's shocking to see the behavior that people think is appropriate and sobering to think that the commodities that inspire this behavior are so far from being essential to sustain life. How will these people behave after the Zombie Apocalypse?

And instead of the ravening hordes of Black Friday - here is a hummingbird snoring:

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