Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden Report July 17 2011

Giant Butterfly Bush
Hydrangea and Butterfly Bush
We're well into the hot weather here, and with little rain some things are struggling to survive. I have had to water all of the shrubs and beds to keep everything going. This is when you find out what is tough and what is not. Still, our temperatures have been a lot lower than they are in Boston and I am glad of it because except for a portable unit in our bedroom we do not have air conditioning. We watch TV in our basement lairs and I go to the beach in the afternoon to enjoy the sea breeze if I am not at work.

Shana and assign cars according to who is driving the farthest because the convertible does not have air conditioning. Although the Ford has the town beach sticker I can go the the State Park with my OPP without paying. When I am planning a ride I get the Ford no matter how hot it is (and ride no matter how hot it is!).


Hybrid Black Eyed Susan and Gailardia

Right now we have the summer bloomers going. The hostas and day lilies are well into bloom, but Stella D'oro is pausing before it's next flush. The evening primrose has subsided, leaving it to the threadleaf coreopsis to take up the yellow. Shasta daisies and obedient plant are in bloom, but the hot weather has made them a little sparse. The black-eyed Susans are holding their own, with the seedlings from last year's seeds growing but not yet ready to flower.  Monarda and echinacea are blooming alongside the cosmos. The most exciting blooms this week are the hydrangeas and butterfly bushes. They are fantastic, although this month they need frequent drinks to support their performance.

Beautiful sunbather


jaykaym said...

Oh, I envy you your flowers. This year I tried planting flowers that will even grow in the median strip of an interstate highway, thinking that they would be forgiving of my lack of a green thumb, and even they died. We have had nothing but HOT HOT HOT weather and even the "scattered thunderstorms" that are predicted each day miss my house. I tried a drip hose but it couldn't keep up with the evaporation due to the heat. I guess I try again next year using your garden as my inspiration.

Kay Dennison said...

Lovely!!!! And Roxy looks great!!!!

We just had one of those big old thunderboomers that wake us up in Ohio!!!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Sweetie Roxie. Good to see her looking good.

The garden is fantastic, and the butterfly bush pictures may have won me a battle on this coast.