Friday, December 31, 2010

A Change in Perspective

I've been saying for months that I am moving to Massachusetts, even to the point of telling the people at work I would be going so they would have time to prepare for the day I would no longer be there. I have a big workload, part of which are things that literally no one else in the building knows how to do. This is not because it's Rocket Science, or because learning to do these particular things requires a Big Brain or psychic powers. It's just that no one has needed to do them because I have always done
them myself. I'm pretty sure that they will not be able to replace me with a single person and I doubt that more than one new hire will be approved. I have worried about this and tried to prepare everyone for what would happen.

Over the last few years my workplace has changed. The company has grown in numbers and corporate culture has changed. Although in my immediate department I am doing the same sorts of things and working with essentially the same people it's not at all like the same company I joined fourteen years ago.

This month I gave my boss notice with a specific date. I now know when I will be leaving, and where I will be going. I find that I am thereby liberated. I no longer have the illusion of interest or control over how I am replaced and frankly I really don't care. I'm surprised that's all it took.

I'm not concerned about my job anymore. I'll get things completed that need to be, teach whoever is willing to learn what I can, and move on. My main concern now is whether I might have a couple a chickens by this time next year.

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lacochran's evil twin said...

There is brilliance/power in moving out on what you want to do. Good luck!