Monday, October 18, 2010

The News From Boston

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I'm still in Boston, getting ready to head out to the cape for the rest of my stay. We've been mostly visiting Inace at Brigham and Women's hospital of course, but we've taken afternoon breaks to visit a few local museums. We've gone to the Isabella Gardner and the Boston Museum of Fine Art: two very different kinds of galleries. The Gardner is very personal. It's laid out as the founder herself wanted it, with no alteration allowed. The BMFA is much more changeable and more what you expect a museum to look like. Both were interesting, and I'll be viviting both again in future.

Inace has improved greatly over the last week - a great relief to all of us and a testament to her strength of will and determination, and to the excellent care she has received at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

I've only taken cell phone pictures this week, as the camera I brought with me is completely unresponsive. I hope it's the battery, but one never knows. Fortunately the iPhone has a pretty good camera so I do have a few posted over at Flickr or tweeted. We were not often out sightseeing anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

The weather is very nearly perfect, so I have great hopes of some pleasant walks on the beach this week when I don't have other projects claiming my time. I expect to be doing the outdoor chores needed to prepare the house for winter for most of the week. Hard work, but congenial.

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