Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Road: Saturday Edition

Proof that even the same route through the countryside can change drastically from one week to the next: It looks like there is a new farmer on the road we most often take on a Saturday morning ride. He's got one mystery cattle dog and two corgis (one looks like a puppy) and GOATS - lots of goats. Lady goats, baby goats, and at least one obvious Billy goat. I would guess he's probably the only boy in the group. The girls aren't used to cyclists yet, and moved away when I approached the fence to take their pictures but maybe another time they'll be more curious. No turtles or (live) snakes this time, but an abundance of wind. The forecast was for 25 mph
wind gusting to 30, which may be why we saw fewer cyclists out than usual. Shana joined us this morning and enjoyed her ride now that the mix of wind borne allergens has changed enough so she doesn't die on the road. She tried out riding with an iPod which was great right up to the point when she dropped her earbuds and cord into her front wheel.

After the usual round of pancakes Shana and I went around doing our errands - the fun ones this time, not the boring ones. We stopped by Bike One to pick up a computer for Shana's bike and a pair of shorts for her, then on to Best Buy to get some new earbuds suitable for listening outdoors in the wind. I found the case I wanted for my iPod which would clip to my clothing for improved function. My bento has to carry my camera, cell phone, lip balm, sunblock and snacks, so although I wanted to bring my iPod along I don't want to add any more freight on the bike. As it is I probably drag along three times as much stuff as I need. I carry 2 CO2 cartridges, spare tube, tool kit, band aids and clean wipes under the seat and a bandanna tied to the front of the bike that serves every possible purpose from handkerchief to ice pack. When you ride out in the country you never know what you're going to need.

As soon as I got home I took the dogs out to the park so they could have their outdoor activity too. I probably looked pretty rough but luckily the dogs don't care. While they sniffed around I finished my Rita Mae Brown mystery. Now I can start in on The Passage, which just came out this week and which I've been eagerly awaiting. Dystopian fiction - my fave!

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