Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going Like Sixty

The Evil Day came and I am now 60 years old. On the good side, I will surely qualify for some senior discounts. On the bad side - well, I guess that's whatever you make of it. I started the celebrations in Denver where I was visiting last week. I'll post details of the visit in a later post. I had cake and cards with Mom, Allie and Richard. We forgot to get ice cream, but that's a bit of absent-mindedness that was probably all to the good, since I seem to be unable to stop eating lately.

On the actual day I had cake and cards at the office, and later went downtown for my choice of birthday dinners. Shana treated me to fancy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at Nonna's in Bricktown. I'd link to them, but it's a madly annoying flash site. Google if you want to see it anyway - it's a beautiful restaurant and their Purple Bar has the prettiest lighting around. It was lovely and low key. The weather was perfect so we sat on the balcony and watched the activity in the street while we enjoyed our treats. Today I'll have breakfast with Shana, Alex, and Vivian. Sunday I'll have a delicious and festive Birthday Brunch at home with friends - way to drag out a birthday!

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Ryan said...

No comments? Well, that just sucks and needs to be remedied. Happy, happy, happy birthday, and the only gift I can give you from this far away--I would NEVER have guessed you were sixty. Nev-uh.