Monday, April 06, 2009

Return of the Siblings

I had a super busy weekend. My oldest "child" came to visit bringing The Little Prince up to be spoiled by grandma and the joint was jumping all weekend.

Saturday morning we had "SibFest" where the siblings got together for brunch and a relaxed visit, including funny stories from every one's childhood. Alex is 21 today - how quickly time passes. I fooled Sam & Alex by telling them to come at 10:00 am while secretly planning for them to be there by 11:00, which is when I thought they'd actually show up. It made for a much more relaxing morning than we would have had if I had counted on them appearing on time. They were happy; I was happy; it was all good.

We had presents for the April birthday celebrants. Everyone got to try out Vivian's new Sit N Spin. I think Jennifer had the most fun with it, and of course we had the inevitable falling and crying. Not by Jennifer. We had purchased our original at a garage sale, and it served well through the abuse of the three big kids. I sold it later at a garage sale still in operating condition but looking a little the worse for wear. This new model is musical, with the inexplicable sound of an eighties disco.

Jennifer and I hit the road to Edmond to visit her friend from high school who has an adorable new baby we hadn't seen yet. We cruised over to her company's house in Bethany to pick up a chest I had from one of her paternal aunts the year Jennifer was born. After that on to Kohl's to check out the bargains (I got a shirt and Jennifer found a cute cardigan) and Walmart for my exciting purchases - household washing products and clothespins. We had thought we'd go out to a local Moroccan restaurant for dinner, but Logan was worn to a nub, so we had Chinese delivered from the place around the corner. Vivian came over to spend the night, and we spent the evening relaxing and playing with the babies.

Sunday We had to make an emergency run to Bass Pro for the Anti Gravity Lounger that was on sale for a great price and guaranteed to sell out before the sale was over. We think this is going to be a big help to relieve Shana's tired back after long hikes. Plus I've seen people napping in them at campsites and I can envision myself enjoying this activity mightily (right after I tie Shana to a tree). I got a waterproof and breathing jacket and two pair of hiking socks that I think will complete my personal gear for our Big Trip and a pair of fleece lined crocs for Vivian. Jennifer picked up a cardigan that was just too cute to leave at the store. Then back to the house we went. Jennifer started back to San Antonio; Vivan and I went to take our naps before going out to dinner with the Birthday Boy.

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