Sunday, July 20, 2008


This year the Norman Conquest whupped my butt. I could cite lots of excuses, like the change in route and the addition of more hills made it just too hard: I was cranky and not on top of my game, it was hot, I had just gotten back from a road trip two days before, and they would all be true. The biggest factors were probably my extra weight and lack of training this year. What ultimately made me give up and sag in about halfway through was the combination of all factors which left me trying vainly to catch my breath, knowing that in just a few miles the steepest hill on the course was waiting and I did not stand a chance of getting up that hill. It was somewhat refreshing waiting for everyone to come in rather than being the one everyone is waiting for. I am often curious as to what the lunch tables look like before everyone else has decimated them! The Bicycle League of Norman puts on a good ride, with a good lunch after and good drawings. This year they had a live band: Superfreak. They do covers of 70's funk and disco dressed up in 70's garb and Afro wigs. The band had volunteered their time, which I though was very generous.

This morning a few of us went for an easy flat ride along the river in downtown Oklahoma City. I was glad to have a chance to get in a ride after my dismal ride the day before. It was a warm day and breezy, which fits in perfectly with our usual training rides. At the same time we were there there was a wakeboarding event which not only gave us something interesting to look at while we rode along, but also had concessions which featured FUNNEL CAKES!!! Just the perfect mid-ride treat. It allowed us to enjoy the perfect balance between physical fitness and fried food. Not the best choice during a vigorous training ride, but just the perfect thing today.

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