Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Duncan Dehydrator was this weekend. We drove down the night before and stayed at Lindley House. Staying in the attic room at this charming Bed & Breakfast was a nice change from our usual overnight at a chain motel.

Early in the morning we headed over to Simmons Center for our event. Diane, Sharon and I planned on the 60 mile ride. Shana and several others rode the 26 mile route. The 60 mile route is an interesting route with plenty to look at, including two (!!!) goat farms. The goats somewhat made up for my great disappointment in only seeing one mule. I blame this on a change of course caused by road construction. Last year I think I was never out of view of a mule until I crossed to lake the first time. We rode through miles of farmland and crossed Waurika Lake twice. When we rode across the dam we were confronted by a huge turkey vulture feasting on a skunk. He thought about challenging Diane, but when Sharon and I rode up he thought the odds were stacked against him and he flew off. Strangely enough we did not take immediate possession of the carcass, tempting as it was.

It was hot hot hot, and I had to throw in the towel about a mile from the finish line. It's pretty obvious my physical condition is not what it needs to be by the end of August to do my century ride. Today I hurt all over, and I have tendinitis behind my right knee. The sore ankles I'm also enjoying are no doubt due to my recent rash love of flip flops (which my mother has warned me against all my life). It's back to the gym for me, and many more training miles will be added to my agenda.

On the crafty front there are lots of projects underway. The pink and blue monkey socks are not only complete; they are in the hands of their new owner. I've finished a pair of 3x1 rib striped socks, and another pair of 3x1 rib are well underway - almost 3/4 done. A knitted baby blanket is around 20% complete and should be finished before the baby is born unless I have extremely bad luck. Today I'm in filet crochet mode getting ready for the wedding project I've promised to produce. The plan is to produce a practice piece, then version #1 of the actual project and version #2. I actually had one practice project started, but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth and I am starting over, quite possibly with crochet hooks I hate and will need to replace.

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